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What is GNU GPL?

GNU GPL is the most popular license for free software [Or open source]. The license is copyleft, requiring all modified and extended versions of the program to be free as well.

Often when we introduce Oscommerce eCommerce software to our customers, its no surprise that they are aware that it is free, open source.

However, some customers will have this question in mind: “If you install this software on my website, will they charge me for a cost in the next released version?”

This is where GNU GPL comes in. As you may also know, Oscommerce is released under GNU General Public License (GPL). By using GNU GPL instead of free software licenses, you are protected such that all improved versions of the software will be free.



Secondary access for Paypal Account

For us to guide you on using your paypal account better, our developer will often need access to you Paypal account. However, the problem may appears when you do not want the developer to have full access to your account.

Luckily, Paypal provides an option for you to enable secondary access for other users as well. This will allow us to access your Paypal account. At the same time, secondary users will not have access to many features that can be controlled by the account owner.

Below are the steps to activate secondary user access:

1) Log in to your Paypal account
2) Under “My Account”, click on the submenu “Profile”
3) On the profile summary page, click on “Multi-user access” under “Account Information” section
4) Add the users accordingly, and choose suitable username and password for the user

After adding the secondary user, you may send the account information to us via email.

For eCommerce solution, you may visit: http://www.edlinkservices.com/ecommerce/index.php for more information.


Paypal opened a new Singapore registered company

Few weeks ago, we received news that Paypal has registered a new company in Singapore. It is good news for us, since payment solutions normally play a vital role in eCommerce projects. In fact, Paypal did not offer payment in Singapore dollars until few months ago.

Paypal’s decision to open a Singapore company here indicates that there is enough momentum in Singapore for it to provide more support for its existing clients. We believe that this move will further boost eCommerce activities in Singapore.

While there are other payment gateway operators that can accept Singapore dollars, Paypal is the most affordable and easiest to set up. More importantly, it is widely used in the United states and worldwide.

It is very easy to set up a Paypal account. There is no setup fee or annual fee, but a low processing fee for every successful transaction. You may visit www.paypal.com to open a merchant account for business use.

Will Google open a new office here and start offering Google checkout? We believe they are waiting for the right time..


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