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Online Entertainment Spending Expected to Increase

According to report, spending on online entertainment is expected to rise. Although this report comes from U.S consumers, we believe there is a similar trend worldwide.

Companies may tap on this rising trend. If you are an offline store in the entertainment industry, we believe there is vast amount of opportunities.

Having been online for some time, we realize that certain businesses do well online, while others hardly survive.

The key lies in motivation. There must be motivation for visitors to come to your site. Examples of motivation include gambling, finding jobs, sex related, finding opportunities and earning extra dollars etc.

We believe an overlooked market in Singapore will be entertainment. Visitors come to your site and they expect to be entertained too.

Of course you may ask, why dun we start an Singapore entertainment related site. Yes, we are constantly exploring the possibility. Problem is, where to find so much time…


Internet Gold Rush for China Market

Recently, I had a discussion with my partner about expanding our business to China. To me, its a giant yet to be tamed. And we know that some big companies were already there, wrestling with the forces of the republic. Not many survive though.

Well, we do not laugh at others. Small companies like us are not even ready to go. We believe that if we can’t even stand properly in Singapore, China will be too far for us. Moreover, Chinese companies will have the homeground advantage. Not preparing fully before going to battle is half the battle lost.

In fact, we have some web design clients already tapping on China’s manufacturing industry. If you have relatives from China with strong business network, we believe you will have the upperhand. China’s export is one of the most lucrative pies you can think of. Prices are simply unbeatable and we strongly believe the phrase “Made in China” may slowly become a brandname.

There are various issues we are thinking about still. Stepping into a foreign land is not going to be easy. Like what they often say, “there are crocodiles in the Yangtze river”. Not having someone to trust from a foreign country is our biggest concern. Legal issues like copyright, payment processing, dealings with government agencies are some of the things we have been thinking about.

Yet, I strongly believe that the later we enter the Chinese market, the more dangerous it is. Business environment will become more and more competitive as the market grows, eating everybody for lunch sooner or later.

From what I see, these few years will be the golden years for online business in China. Google has entered and acquired part of Baidu (The Chinese Search Engine). The growth and establishment of search engines means the laying of infrastructure for millions of small businesses online.

Well, we do have some ideas on what to do in China. Problem is.. Haha.. funding. =)


Google, Microsoft and Sun to fund internet research lab

Found an interesting news article from Yahoo! News on the funding of new research lab by the internet giants.

It is indeed surprising to hear that the 2 rival companies: Google and Microsoft can actually put down resentment and work together. Good news anyway.

This project will help to fund entrepreneuring companies for another revolutionary idea that can rock the internet community.

I believe we do need more vibrance and something fresh online. After the blogging wave, there is hardly anything new coming along.