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Using site statistic tools to track your site traffic

Together with your hosting package, we will provide you some web/ftp tools for you to track your site statistics.

For a start, you need to log in to your Cpanel, click on Web/Ftp Stats icon to see a list of available tools.

Here is some introduction to the tools and how to use them:

Awstats -
Unique visitors: Shows you the number of unique visitors every month, as well as number of visits per month based on repeat visits. Sites with very good content will often retain visitors better and boost the number of repeat visits

Hits: This form of measure for site statistics is not as accurate compared to visitors and page views. Every time a visitor download files from a html file, all the embeded files such as jpg, gif are also recorded.

Countries: You may know which countries your visitors come from.

Authenticated users: This records all users who have access to the restricted folders. However, the server also record unsuccessful attempts by visitors who tried to access these folders.

Robots/Spiders visitors: You may find out which robots have visited your site. Basically, more robot visits indicate a good sign that robots may find your site interesting. Some popular sites may have robot visits every day. Googlebot - Google robots, Inktomi Slurp - Yahoo robots, MSNBot - Msn robot and some smaller search engines.

Visits duration: Generally, the longer time your visitors stay at your site indicates that your site provides good content.

Connect to site from: This is one of the most important, as you can tell where your site traffic comes from. Most of the time its from search engines. But we should not forget about traffic from affiliate sites and web directories.


Google Agrees to Settle Click Fraud Suit with 90 mil

According to the latest report, Google has agreed to settle an industrywide lawsuit alleging the company of providing false customer leads through its pay per click advertising model. The settlement amount goes up to $90 million.

The lawsuit is filed by several plaintiffs, arguing that Google has done later to address the click fraud issue. However, the $90 million payout will only include the legal fees and advertising credit, instead of cash payment. This settlement will also cover Google’s advertising partners including American Online (AOL) and Ask.com.

Other search companies which are also involved include Yahoo Inc, Disney Co. and Lycos Inc. However, Yahoo! spokeswoman has announced that her company will continue to defend their position in court.

Full report at http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060309/bs_nm/google_clickfraud_dc


Google Pagerank Update

I have a very very strong feeling Google will update pagerank these few days. Cross your fingers, hopefully you are not one of those blacklisted sites.

Its been more than 3 months since the last update.

Google has not been updating its index for 1 week. So, I suppose they are brewing something in the lab. Something will happen these few days. Trust me.


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