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Adobe to distribute Google toolbar and related products

A recent headline news has indeed rocked the internet community. Google and Adobe have partnered up to bundle up Google’s toolbar with Adobe Shockwave Player. The new version of Google toolbar will include downloads of Adobe’s Macromedia Shockwave Player, while Google toolbars will be offered as part of shockwave player.

With Shockwave currently installed on more than 55 percent of Internet-enabled desktops, the multi-year agreement with Adobe is likely to help Google grab an even larger pie of the search market, raising eyebrows in the industry and sending another blow to its closest competitors - Microsoft and Yahoo!

You may download Google toolbar at no cost. The installation is easy and more importantly, it sits in the background quietly, blocking intrusive pop up ads.


Google has no License to Operate in China

Now they are saying Google has no licence to provide the chinese version of its search service in China.

My goodness, Google has to pack up and leave? There are so many regulations and restrictions in China for internet services companies.

Lately I realize Blogspot is blocked in China. And for a while the government says you cannot give brith to more than 1 child.

I wonder what else can they do over there.


Yahoo! Denies 2nd Place in Search Market

In Yahoo’s search blog, we found that Yahoo! denies that they are satisfied with a 2nd place in the search market.

Currently, Google is the market leader in search, with 47.7% of all search request from the web. Followed by 21.8% from Yahoo!

As an active web publisher, I use the search engines every day. My search queries for 1 day is 10 times more than a normal internet users will search in one week. And I can’t deny the fact that Yahoo! still need to catch up in this race to dominate the search pie.

I believe there are areas Yahoo! need to improve when it comes to web search:

  • People Search - I search for my friends, celebrities and people I know. Sometimes I even search into www.friendster.com and other niche engines that I can find useful information about people. Google is very strong here.
  • Speed of Indexing Web Pages - This is one area Yahoo! needs to catch up. I have been observing how Googlebot, MsnBot and Inktomi index my sites. One of my sites contain about 80 pages. While Google and MSN have finished indexing all the pages 3 weeks ago, Yahoo! has only indexed 43 pages.
  • Ranking of New Web Sites - 1) Google do not allow new web sites to acheive high ranking directly. This is a good way to prevent spam. However, Google gives indirect ranking for new, but good quality sites. Backlinks from reputable sites can help new sites to achieve top 10 in a short while, indirectly. 2) MSN can also spot good quality new sites in a short time. 3) Yahoo! takes much longer, sometimes more than 6 months.

Overall, the 3 engines are able to identify important, and brandname sites. But Google goes down to the details. I believe this is what differentiate the leader from the rest.


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