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MySql tops in database comparison

For web applications, we use MySql for database development. It is an open source software, and is free for download. There are reasons why we choose MySql. Of course, an obvious reason is that the software is free.

Recent testing also indicates that MySql beats other commercial databases in a lab test.

If your company site is hosted on a Windows Server, we will have to switch to using Ms Access, which our software engineers are familiar too.


Host Your Web Sites with a Singapore server

Some clients asked about our server location.

It is co-located in STIX-EXPAN Singapore, Asia’s largest Internet backbone.

If your site audience is targeted to the local Singapore market, we advise you to find a server in Singapore, or at least in Asia. It makes a difference to decide where you want to host your sites. The most obvious difference is the file transfer speed.

If your site is less than 10 pages with little graphics, it does not make a difference actually. But, your site may develop to few hundred pages one day and it becomes a headache.


Google, Microsoft and Sun to fund internet research lab

Found an interesting news article from Yahoo! News on the funding of new research lab by the internet giants.

It is indeed surprising to hear that the 2 rival companies: Google and Microsoft can actually put down resentment and work together. Good news anyway.

This project will help to fund entrepreneuring companies for another revolutionary idea that can rock the internet community.

I believe we do need more vibrance and something fresh online. After the blogging wave, there is hardly anything new coming along.


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