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Auto-Censoring Google Version in China

As google starts to establish a foothold in China, the Chinese government has posed a number of restrictions on the search giant. And Google has paid a high price to remain in the lucrative market.

One of which will be removing some listing from its search result. This is actually inconsistent with Google’s mission. But not able to provide any information at all for the Chinese is worse than anything.

In fact, Google has also bought a small share of www.baidu.com. For info, Baidu is currently the leading search engine in China.

Google’s site in China will be called www.google.cn.

We have also started preparing for the Chinese market. While my partner has plans to start web hosting in China, I intend to start a China web directory. I have called it www.chinadirectory1.com. Its the best name I have found. Other names like:

  • www.chinadirectory.com
  • www.china-directory.com
  • www.chinawebdirectory.com

Are all gone. =)

This is our first initiative. And we intend to be active in China by March this year. Anything later than that, we will be behind schedule.


About Our Search Engine Optimization Services

There have been clients asking about our search engine optimization services. In the internet marketing industry, we call it SEO for short.

Often, there are many misconceptions about SEO. When we ask our clients whether they are ready for SEO, they always say they are ready, and it is their number 1 priority to be found on Google. But as we probe further, Some are willing to offer $200 to optimize a site.

We can understand the situation, because SEO is still largely unknown in Singapore. So, clients may not know that SEO can cost up to $10k for a site in North America. Companies are killing one another for the top spots.

While we do not charge as high, SEO can still cost up to few thousand dollars, depending on your industry competition. If your site is about gambling, it will naturally cost more to market online. Also, Singapore online search is not as competitive compared to many other countries, maybe due to its small population.

But SEO will not cost as low as few hundred dollars. It is a specialized skills learnt through our years of experience online. If programmers are paid better than web designers, internet marketers should be paid more. After all, they are the ones who can bring results that you can see.

If you are ready to optimize your site and get it listed on Google Top 10, feel free to find out more about our SEO services.


Online Entertainment Spending Expected to Increase

According to report, spending on online entertainment is expected to rise. Although this report comes from U.S consumers, we believe there is a similar trend worldwide.

Companies may tap on this rising trend. If you are an offline store in the entertainment industry, we believe there is vast amount of opportunities.

Having been online for some time, we realize that certain businesses do well online, while others hardly survive.

The key lies in motivation. There must be motivation for visitors to come to your site. Examples of motivation include gambling, finding jobs, sex related, finding opportunities and earning extra dollars etc.

We believe an overlooked market in Singapore will be entertainment. Visitors come to your site and they expect to be entertained too.

Of course you may ask, why dun we start an Singapore entertainment related site. Yes, we are constantly exploring the possibility. Problem is, where to find so much time…


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