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Google has no License to Operate in China

Now they are saying Google has no licence to provide the chinese version of its search service in China.

My goodness, Google has to pack up and leave? There are so many regulations and restrictions in China for internet services companies.

Lately I realize Blogspot is blocked in China. And for a while the government says you cannot give brith to more than 1 child.

I wonder what else can they do over there.


Google Pagerank Update

I have a very very strong feeling Google will update pagerank these few days. Cross your fingers, hopefully you are not one of those blacklisted sites.

Its been more than 3 months since the last update.

Google has not been updating its index for 1 week. So, I suppose they are brewing something in the lab. Something will happen these few days. Trust me.


Steps in Transferring Your Domain Name

Often, clients are unclear with the technical prodedures in transferring their domain names over to www.edlinkservices.com. There are requirements that you need to know before any transfer:

  • Your domain name must be registered for more than 3 months.
  • You must have access to your domain name registrar, or your web hosting company can help you.

We intend to provide detailed step by step guide here:

  1. Enter your domain name
  2. Fill in your configuration setting and billing information
  3. Make Payment (Your domain name is extended for the number of years that you paid for)
  4. Initiation request sent to your previous registrar. The administrator needs to approve the transfer
  5. Change of domain name server (if you host your site with us too, recommended):
    1) ns1.singaporewebdesigner.com
    2) ns2.singaporewebdesigner.com

We hope this blog is useful for you.


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