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Google Agrees to Settle Click Fraud Suit with 90 mil

According to the latest report, Google has agreed to settle an industrywide lawsuit alleging the company of providing false customer leads through its pay per click advertising model. The settlement amount goes up to $90 million.

The lawsuit is filed by several plaintiffs, arguing that Google has done later to address the click fraud issue. However, the $90 million payout will only include the legal fees and advertising credit, instead of cash payment. This settlement will also cover Google’s advertising partners including American Online (AOL) and Ask.com.

Other search companies which are also involved include Yahoo Inc, Disney Co. and Lycos Inc. However, Yahoo! spokeswoman has announced that her company will continue to defend their position in court.

Full report at http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060309/bs_nm/google_clickfraud_dc