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Adobe to distribute Google toolbar and related products

A recent headline news has indeed rocked the internet community. Google and Adobe have partnered up to bundle up Google’s toolbar with Adobe Shockwave Player. The new version of Google toolbar will include downloads of Adobe’s Macromedia Shockwave Player, while Google toolbars will be offered as part of shockwave player.

With Shockwave currently installed on more than 55 percent of Internet-enabled desktops, the multi-year agreement with Adobe is likely to help Google grab an even larger pie of the search market, raising eyebrows in the industry and sending another blow to its closest competitors - Microsoft and Yahoo!

You may download Google toolbar at no cost. The installation is easy and more importantly, it sits in the background quietly, blocking intrusive pop up ads.


Setting Up Your Emails

If you have subscribed our email hosting plan, you probably need some technical assistance on how to setup your emails. Here is a detailed setup procedure:

Log in to your Cpanel with username and password (provided to you):

  1. Click on >> the first icon –> Mail
  2. Click on >> Manage/Add/Remove Accounts
  3. Click on >> Add Account at the bottom of the page (You can allocate about 30MB for your email account, for a start)

1) For webmails:
* You can send/receive mails using the default webmail option in the control panel.
*you can also add a forwarder so that all mails are forwarded to your Yahoo! mail/Gmail/Hotmail.

2) To send/receive your emails in Outlook Express/Ms Outlook, below is the configuration procedure:

  1. After adding a new email account, click on “configure mail client”
  2. Choose Auto-Configure Outlook Express/Ms Outlook for POP 3 Access
  3. Follow the instructions and save the file in a location
  4. Run the file and everything will automatically configured

**DO NOT use capital letters in your email ID
**Ensure that “My Server Requires Authentication” is selected


Delivering content for your web designer

It appears that some of my clients have serious problems with site content. When this happens, some of them ask professional copywriters to write/validate their content, but most will produce the content by themselves. Of course, there are a handful who will ask us to assist.

Having a professional copywriter to assist you will ensure that the content is grammatically correct, and there are no spelling mistakes. Big companies are more likely to engage one. If your business is a new startup, we strongly advise that you write on your own. We can help to validate your content and save the cost of getting professional help. Professionalism comes with a heavy price.

While we can help to write for your entire site, I still suggest that you write everything. Nobody will understand your business better than yourself. Sometimes, we even have clients asking us to provide an entire consultation on how to start their business. But our business nature is “business support”, we are not likely to be able to help you start/manage your entire business.

So you may ask, how to write good quality content? As professionals in web services, we provide a few guidelines here:

  • Important content should be presented first
    In the virtual world, sites are fighting for eyeballs. IMPORTANT information about your products/services/company should be presented earlier. It should not be buried 3 links down from the homepage.
  • Write for your targeted customer, not everybody else
    There are many online portals catering to different group of visitors. Your content should be catered to your customers, not everybody.
  • Write in point form, with proper headings
    Online visitors DO NOT scrutinize every single word in your site. Most will browse through your content. Visitors come to your site with 2 purpose.

    • Looking for useful information
    • Just want to be entertained
  • Organized information will be highly appreciated
    In the information age, we have a problem of “Too much information”. Take a look at some web sites and you will know what I mean. Your pages should not be too cluttered with information. Highly organized information help your visitors to understand what you want to say. To generate successful sales, it is utmost important that you “Motivate your readers to read what you want to say”

Above are just some simple guidelines. There are many tutorials online to guide you on generating content and effective writing on the web. We hope this blog is useful for you. To understand more about our web services, you may want to navigate back to the main page.