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DIY publishing of web pages

If you have subscribed to our hosting solution and plan to design your own web pages, we provide some guidelines for you to publish your files.

Firstly, you need a web publishing software like dreamweaver/Ms frontpage. After installation and design of your pages, you need to configure the FTP connection. This is required so that you can connect your local computer with the server. The ftp information is normally sent to you when you first subscribed to the hosting plan.

Once you are able to set up the ftp connection, you will be able to see the files and folders at the server. You need to upload all your files to the /www/ or /public/ folder so that the public can view your web pages. By default, there will be a page called index.html stored at the server. You need to overwrite this page by creating your own index.html file.

That’s it, now you can view your pages in Firefox or IE.

Then you may ask, what about images…. Well, image files need to be uploaded to the server as well. You also need to specify a path to find the images from the html documents.

Hope this helps.