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Paypal opened a new Singapore registered company

Few weeks ago, we received news that Paypal has registered a new company in Singapore. It is good news for us, since payment solutions normally play a vital role in eCommerce projects. In fact, Paypal did not offer payment in Singapore dollars until few months ago.

Paypal’s decision to open a Singapore company here indicates that there is enough momentum in Singapore for it to provide more support for its existing clients. We believe that this move will further boost eCommerce activities in Singapore.

While there are other payment gateway operators that can accept Singapore dollars, Paypal is the most affordable and easiest to set up. More importantly, it is widely used in the United states and worldwide.

It is very easy to set up a Paypal account. There is no setup fee or annual fee, but a low processing fee for every successful transaction. You may visit www.paypal.com to open a merchant account for business use.

Will Google open a new office here and start offering Google checkout? We believe they are waiting for the right time..


Maintaining your own web site

There are few ways you can maintain the web site on your own. We provide some instructions here.

1) Using Cpanel file manager:
- First, log in to Cpanel >> choose File manager >> choose “www” folder
- Click on the file that you would like to edit >> click on edit on the top right corner
- After changing the text, click on “save” at the bottom
- Try not to change the design layout unless you are very sure about what you are doing

2) Using web publishing software like dreamweaver/frontpage:
- This is a more advanced method, whereby you require some basic HTML knowledge
- First, connect to the server using the FTP configuration provided to you when we first set up your hosting account
- Specify the remote folder as /www/
- You can download the file in a familiar environment that you can work on at your local PC after successful connection

3) The other alternative is to get us to maintain for you. Our maintenance service is very affordable, so if you do not wish to spend unnecesary hours with all the html codes, get a quote from us and you will be surprised with what we can do for you


Enable register_globals using .htaccess

By default, our server has register_globals set to 0. This is for security reason.

You can modify the setting by adding the line to the htaccess file:

1) Log in to cpanel >> file manager >> /www/
2) Click on .htaccess
3) Click on Edit File on the top right
4) Add the line: php_value register_globals 1

However, you should understand the implications of the modification to certain extent.

Below is an example of application with security loophole that is prone to attack by hackers.

if (isset($submit)) {
$logged_in = yes;
Application runs…

Instead of using $submit, you should use $_POST[’submit’] if the variable is posted from a form. This specifies exactly where the variable comes from.