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Someone is using my email accounts to send spam

There are more and more complaints about email header forgery recently. In fact, we received spam emails from @paypal sometimes, while we know that Paypal will not send out any spam. They just couldn’t do anything about it.

The bad news is, you cannot do anything as well. We also can’t do anything to stop the spammers.

There are clients who may tell us this:

“I have been receiving bounced emails from email addresses that I have never sent to. It mentioned “Failed delivery” of message.

When I look at the email messages, it appears that the messages come from my domain name such as:


Looks like someone is sending out spam emails from the server.”

Here, we have to assure you that these spam emails were not sent from your domain / email account. You do not need to worry actually, nobody can go to your email account without your account information.

Put it simply, there are spammers who have forged your email header data.

Most email client software would allow you to view full email header. In outlook express, right click on the email, choose “properties” and a new window will pop up. Click on “details” tab and you will see the full header data.

To track the source of spam emails, you may read on.


Free up more hosting storage space

If your company use emails heavily and this take up alot of hosting space, you may consider the options below:

1) Delete existing emails and empty trash
- We have to emphasize that by deleting the emails, you have yet to free up the space. So, you also need to purge the emails from your webmail software, horde or squirrel mail.

*Pls take note that if you are using mail clients like Ms outlook / Outlook express, then these emails will actually download directly into your mail client, or your own computer. Unless you choose “leave a copy at the server”, the emails will not be stored physically at the server.

2) Empty your spam box
- If you have enabled spam box for spam control, there might be many spam emails that are still stored at the spam box. You need to login to Cpanel >> Mail >> Spam Assassin to choose “Empty spam box”. Then only will those spam emails be cleared from the server.

3) Delete old html/image files from the server
- If your web hosting package includes website hosting as well, then you may consider deleting old files that are stored at the server. To do so, you may ask the web designer to clear for you. If you are managing the hosting account on your own, you may Login to Cpanel >> File Manager >> /www/, to access the files stored at the server.

4) Increase hosting storage
- Majority of websites are hosted with Starter solution. If your business starts to grow, you may need to consider more storage space. Or else, you may find yourself clearing your emails instead of concentrating on the business most of thetime.

*In the case that you feel that your email inbox storage space is always not quite enough, you may allocate more quota for your email account. But of course, only the main administrator who has access to Cpanel can allocate more space for you. If you are the only administrator, you may login to Cpanel to do so.


What is GNU GPL?

GNU GPL is the most popular license for free software [Or open source]. The license is copyleft, requiring all modified and extended versions of the program to be free as well.

Often when we introduce Oscommerce eCommerce software to our customers, its no surprise that they are aware that it is free, open source.

However, some customers will have this question in mind: “If you install this software on my website, will they charge me for a cost in the next released version?”

This is where GNU GPL comes in. As you may also know, Oscommerce is released under GNU General Public License (GPL). By using GNU GPL instead of free software licenses, you are protected such that all improved versions of the software will be free.