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Troubleshooting email problems

If you encounter some problems with your email accounts, the problem is actually not caused by server problem 95% of the time. Normally, its caused by configuration on client’s side.

There are ways to troubleshoot email problems on your own before consulting us. Below are some common things that you can check and do:

1) Email account / hosting storage Over Quota
- About 50% of the time, the problem can be caused by exceed of storage quota by individual email account, or the hosting space that you have subscribed from us. In this case, you will be able to send out emails but will not receive emails from others.

2) Use Email ID as username
Make sure that you have entered the created email address as the username. Do not use capital letters in the email address that you entered as username.

3) Create a test email account in your Cpanel
- If you suspect that emails are not coming in, you may creat a test account and try sending emails to this account. You may send and receive from your personal email accounts such as @singnet.com.sg, @gmail.com or @yahoo.com.sg. Try reading your emails in webmail instead of email clients such as Microsoft outlook / Outlook express.

4) Disable firewall, anti-virus, reset router, restart computer, clear computer cache.

If the above doesn’t work, you may contact us to troubleshoot your email accounts. But merely telling us that your email account doesnt work is not useful. We often need more information on how we can assist:

1) Send us a bounced email message
- If your customers are not able to send emails to you, normally there will be a bounced email message. In this case, try asking them to send the bounced email message to your personal email accounts. There may be reasons stated there. You may then send us the bounced email messages.

2) If there is no bounced email message, then you may let us know which email account exactly, or is it all the email accounts under the same domain name.

3) Also, it will be useful if you let us know whether its webmail problem or email client problem. If you are using microsoft outlook/outlook express, there can be different version that causes the problem.

We hope these are useful.


What does “503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA” mean?

If you have tried sending email but receiving an error with the following message: “503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA”, then you need to configure your email client (ie Outlook Express) to authenticate automatically.

In outlook express, you may go to “Tools >> Accounts >> Mail >> Properties >> Server”
Check “my server requires authentication” box in your email configuration.

In most programs, this is in advanced settings and on a Server settings or Outgoing server settings.


Advanced DNS Settings

Normally, we will not advise our clients to configure the advanced DNS settings due to greater complexities.

However, there are times when we are not able to access your domain name account. If it happens that you need to configure these advanced DNS settings, Below are the various terms:

Name Servers - Holds the information that tells the users where to find your website and emails. Name servers is something like this: ns1.singaporewebdesigner.com

An A (address) record - A DNS record that can be used to point your domain name and host names to a static IP address.

MX (mail exchange) record - A DNS record that can be used to point your domain name email services to other mail servers.

CNAME (canonical name) record - A DNS record that can be used to create host names for a domain name. These host names can be set to point to other domain names or host names.

How to use them:

1) If we are hosting your website but NOT emails, you may update your A record to, so that the host names are pointed to our server IP address.

2) If we are hosting your emails but NOT website, then you may update your MX record to, so that we can host your emails.

3) If we are hosting both your emails and website, then you can just update the name servers of your domain name with the following:
ns1.singaporewebdesigner.com -
ns2.singaporewebdesigner.com -


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