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Advanced DNS Settings

Normally, we will not advise our clients to configure the advanced DNS settings due to greater complexities.

However, there are times when we are not able to access your domain name account. If it happens that you need to configure these advanced DNS settings, Below are the various terms:

Name Servers - Holds the information that tells the users where to find your website and emails. Name servers is something like this: ns1.singaporewebdesigner.com

An A (address) record - A DNS record that can be used to point your domain name and host names to a static IP address.

MX (mail exchange) record - A DNS record that can be used to point your domain name email services to other mail servers.

CNAME (canonical name) record - A DNS record that can be used to create host names for a domain name. These host names can be set to point to other domain names or host names.

How to use them:

1) If we are hosting your website but NOT emails, you may update your A record to, so that the host names are pointed to our server IP address.

2) If we are hosting your emails but NOT website, then you may update your MX record to, so that we can host your emails.

3) If we are hosting both your emails and website, then you can just update the name servers of your domain name with the following:
ns1.singaporewebdesigner.com -
ns2.singaporewebdesigner.com -


How to reduce spam emails

If you are receiving many spam mails, here are various solutions that you may activate in your Cpanel to reduce the amount of spam mails.

Log in to Cpanel >> Mail >> SpamAssassin
- Click on “Enable Spam Assassin”
- Click on “Enable Spam Box”

If spam issue is very critical to you, there is an option for you to set up “BoxTrapper Spam Trap”
- Essentially, this will force all people not on your white list to reply to a verifcation email before they can send mail to you.

Generally, you should also protect your mailbox by hiding any visible emails from websites. There are many spam bots which collect email addresses online and send out spam emails later.


Someone is using my email accounts to send spam

There are more and more complaints about email header forgery recently. In fact, we received spam emails from @paypal sometimes, while we know that Paypal will not send out any spam. They just couldn’t do anything about it.

The bad news is, you cannot do anything as well. We also can’t do anything to stop the spammers.

There are clients who may tell us this:

“I have been receiving bounced emails from email addresses that I have never sent to. It mentioned “Failed delivery” of message.

When I look at the email messages, it appears that the messages come from my domain name such as:


Looks like someone is sending out spam emails from the server.”

Here, we have to assure you that these spam emails were not sent from your domain / email account. You do not need to worry actually, nobody can go to your email account without your account information.

Put it simply, there are spammers who have forged your email header data.

Most email client software would allow you to view full email header. In outlook express, right click on the email, choose “properties” and a new window will pop up. Click on “details” tab and you will see the full header data.

To track the source of spam emails, you may read on.


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