I would like to register a domain name. Shall I use .com, .sg or .com.sg? What is the difference? Print
If you can find a good .com domain name, we always advise you to go for .com. HOwever, .com name is very limited nowadays and it is not easy to find a decent .com domain name for your business.

A good domain name should be as short as possible, and easy to type. Having alphabets and dash (-) in the domain name is not as good as having only alphabets which are easier for your users to type. Having your business brandname in the domain name itself is highly encouraged if you have intention to create a strong brand.

.com.sg and .sg are limited to Singapore companies and individuals only. The charges is slightly higher for .com.sg and .sg domain names. However, these domain names are more readily available and you have a higher chance of finding a good domain name.

Generally, you should opt for .com if you intend to operate an international business. If your business will only have presence in the specific country itself, then .com.sg /.sg may be suitable.
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