What is the difference between Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express and Webmail Print
Microsoft outlook and Outlook express are email client software. They are different from webmail and is not provided together with the hosting package. By default, your windows installation comes with Outlook Express, and Microsoft Outlook normally bundled with Microsoft Office. Horde and Squirrelmail are free webmail software that are bundled with our hosting solution.

1) Using Webmail, you may read your emails only when you have an Internet connection. Webmail is like Gmail, Yahoo! mail, Hotmail where you read your emails online.

2) Using email client, the software allows you to read your emails in the local computer only. You do not need an Internet connection as you read your emails because those mails may be downloaded when you are online earlier on. The downside is that you can only read your emails on your own computer instead of anywhere online. It is called email client because the email system is based on client-server architecture. The emails are sent from many clients to a central server, which re-routes the emails to the intended destinations.
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